Our Brand



SMARTY combines three classic accommodation concepts within one timeless innovative brand, that has been tailormade to the expectations and needs of modern travelers.


SMARTY Concept:

SMARTY Hotels | Hostels | Boardinghouses are known for its space optimized, smart furnishing style, state-of the art digital room features and an innovative, easy to apply operating concept.

Customer expectations in terms of comfort, technology and layout are being exceeded, whilst SMARTY succeeds without unnecessary and cost intensive extra services. Therefore, the brand creates a real additional value for guests, operators and investors.

Reflected by the corporate slogan Easy. Comfy. SMARTY. SMARTY Hotels | Hostels | Boardinghouses convince through central location, great connectivity and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

SMARTY Modules:

The brand has a unique modular structure and consist of three concept modules:

  • Hotel
  • Hostel
  • Boardinghouse

Every module can be implemented and utilized independently from each other. Alternatively, individual modules can be combined, to be integrated within one location or building. There are different options with a reception or none, or a part-time reception.

Particularly the SMARTY Boardinghouse concept is not based on a permanently occupied reception desk. All customer related aspects are perfectly covered by the in-room tablet, guest app and check in machine of the latest generation. More details can be explained on demand.

In addition to the accommodation concepts the following additional modules have been developed:

  • Breakfast-Café
  • Daily-Needs-Shop
  • Combi: Shop & Café

These optional modules can be added to every SMARTY accommodation module based on preference and requirement of the project. This way they supplement a possible food and beverage requirement. These extra modules solely support the accomondation product, which delivers the main income. The shop / café module can be a part of the SMARTY operator’s business or can be run by a third party.

SMARTY Property Development:

SMARTY has been created to perfectly fit existing properties and developments. The concept already delivers profitable business results starting from 10-15 room units onwards. Hence, it is ideal for start-up businesses and boutique locations.

Contrary to established hotel franchise brands, SMARTY offers a real alternative to all conventional kinds of accommodation operating concepts, project conversions and new developments. The SMARTY concept has been successfully proven, especially in the area of midclass private hotel businesses, with or without food and beverage outlets.
It is ideally suited for the integration in existing hostels and hotels, as well as in boarding houses of every size and kind.

Not least due to its continuous development and ongoing digitalization the SMARTY concept also offers a long term and low investment based accomondation concept, which is particularly suitable for new developments and the repurposing of property developments with a capacity starting from 100 room units.

We tailor make business agreements individually based on the conditions and visions of our partners. These may vary between management contracts, long term license agreements and consulting mandates, aiming to build customized solutions for every need and budget.


The SMARTY concept includes sustainable and resources conserving overnights.

  • Existing properties are modified as Hotel | Hostel |Boardinghouse. There is no need to build new.
  • The available space will be fully exhaust, we try to renounce unused open spaces.
  • SMARTY uses detector controlled, energy-saving LED lighting.
  • SMARTY uses digital heating control linked to the hotel management software.
  • SMARTY uses water saving showerheads and no disposable tableware.
  • Towels and bed linen are only changed upon request.

SMARTY Operator and Developer Services:

Individual Service:

Use of selected products of our areas of competence for operators, investors and developers.


Use of the full brand with all rights, competences and supporting services. Comprising from the following areas:

Consulting Services:

  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Location study
  • Feasibility study
  • Concept consulting
  • Property acquisition
  • Financial intermediation
  • Concept realization
  • Operator acquisition

Marketing Services

  • Social Media Positioning und Consulting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Representation at sales calls / sales talks upon request
  • Representation at trade shows upon request
  • Reputation management
  • Content management
  • Public relations
  • Sales and yield monitoring

Benefits, consulting, training

  • Purchasing association with more than 200 service providers for the hotel industry
  • IT infrastructure
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Digital guest directories and signages
  • VoiceOver IP telephone system
  • Yield management software (cloud)
  • Property management software (cloud)
  • Digital hotel TV including Sky (pay TV), Netflix and browser
  • Check-in terminals
  • Online check-in
  • Human resource strategy
  • Employer branding
  • Financial accounting
  • Promotional and recoverable activities
  • Loyalty card program
  • Regular workshops for hotel management and executives
  • Personal contact person, in emergency 24 hrs

Operational support

  • Price structure
  • Standard reservation flows resulting in an increased direct booking ratio
  • Reservation services for groups and high yield bookings
  • Interims management in case of annual leave, sick leave or other emergencies
  • Staff trainings
  • Hotel structure including manuals, checklists and procedures

Property equipment

  • Bathroom renovation dust free and fast
  • Fire protection experts
  • APP-operated property management system
  • Digital energy management
  • Digital lock systems
  • Safety- and surveillance technology